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plusy i minusy przystapienie Polski do Unii Europejskiej po angielsku.
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1st Guarantee of peace
During the past 50 years, thanks to intensified co-operation in Europe, the war between the EU countries was and is impossible. At the same time the State of the Union attempt to secure peace and stability in neighboring countries, and in other parts of the world. In the framework of prevention, the EU became the largest donor of financial assistance to the most needy parts of the world. The EU is engaged in peace campaigns and runs a number of projects aimed at implementing the principles of democracy and human rights. Common foreign and security policy allows EU countries to express a common opinion on the world stage. The next step will be to achieve a common defense policy.

2nd Area of freedom, security, justice
Every citizen has the right to security. Most of the dangers that threaten our peace is a source of international conflict, emerging in other places around the world. Therefore, European countries must take joint action in combating such threats as international terrorism and organized crime, including smuggling and drug abuse, trafficking and prostitution. EU countries determined to lead the fight against these problems, using and setting up certain rules and by fostering cooperation between police, border police and national judiciary. The EU also plays a major role in the migration policy, guaranteeing third-country nationals the right to seek asylum in EU countries. At the same time it shall take actions to coordinate national policies of member countries for refugees and actions to combat poverty and preventing conflicts in countries at risk of excessive immigration.

3rd Technology development
Currently, a significant period of technological development, the Union plays an increasingly important role in assisting in the implementation of research programs. The EU budget is financed projects in the field of modern technology, conducted by research centers, academies and institutions and industrial plants. The EU's objective is to translate research projects to achieve specific socio-economic results, such as creating new jobs, improve living conditions and increasing the mobility of the population. Priority areas of research are health, environment, energy, transport, training and information society. The European Union also tries to create appropriate conditions to the actual use of new technology in our everyday lives. It is due to EU decisions, the technical standards of GSM, Europe is now the world leader in the production and use of mobile phones.

4th Fewer frontiers - more jobs!
One of the key tasks in the European Union is to protect jobs and create new jobs. In the event of unfavorable economic conditions for European industry will not be able to offer new jobs, and therefore the goal is to provide favorable economic conditions. It has contributed significantly to the growth of trade in Europe and to create new jobs by creating a single market without internal frontiers and the introduction of the single currency Euro. Developed the European employment strategy, which shows how to use economic growth to create more and better jobs. In the future, new jobs will build on the education, training, entrepreneurship, adaptability to new methods and equal rights for everyone. Structural Funds to promote growth and jobs in less developed regions, which in turn contributes to more even distribution of wealth of European, consume one-third of the total EU budget.
5th Freedom of movement
European Union citizens have the unrestricted right to travel, study and work anywhere in the State. EU tries to give the free movement of persons granted the new fundamental civil rights and put an end to all discrimination based on ethnic differences. Almost the entire territory of the Union can travel without a passport and without border controls, as well as shopping and freely carry them to another country, just with a few exceptions. The EU does not decide what to teach in schools. While trying to provide for mutual recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications in all Member States. EU actions aim to facilitate access to acquire education in their own country and abroad, which takes place through student exchange programs and to simplify bureaucratic requirements. So far, more than one million people benefited from EU programs, educating and gaining qualifications in a European dimension.


1st The use of Polish as a huge market for products from the EU.
Example: Albert Stevnert (creator Clic Car Corporation) illustrates our analysis of the automotive market. According to Western experts, after 2008 Poles will buy the 800,000 cars per year. The average value of the car is 42,000 zlotys, or about 10,000 euros. And this is more than 8 billion euros, along with spare parts, service sector industries - up to 14 billion. We do not have opportunities for 30-40 percent of the Polish market, but 5 to 10 percent of Polish companies can cover. It even billion.

2nd Outflow of money from the Polish to the European Union.
It's easy now to imagine what will happen with the money earned by us here in the west. Someone will be issued in this way, someone will have to produce something, get the money for the service. In this way lawirujący consumes money to fund the European Union from which we receive only 25% of agricultural subsidies.

3rd Purchase of land.
Polish society is not as wealthy as the West, therefore, may be the sale of Polish land. Foreigners as well as various foreign companies will buy the most beautiful areas of our Polish.

4th Infectious diseases.
There is a risk of spreading various diseases. Because people will be able to move freely within the EU countries will be increased exports and imports of food products.

5th Globalization.
Wickedness is the blurring of cultural differences. We will like to dress, listen to similar music, in a similar way to arrange housing. Starts many anti-globalization demonstrations conducted by
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